Would You Love to Change Your Life? 

Do you want to experience more love, health and abundance? Could you use encouragement and support? The secret to changing your life is this: Love yourself more deeply, and let go of the past.

Success: Meet Your Inner Thriver

Martine Joseph here! In Thriving Lives, I guide you in healing blocks, burnout and the blues. You’ll discover how to let go of struggle, meet your Inner Thriver and leap beyond fear. You will enjoy the love, healing and abundance you deserve.

What Do You Get? 

Thriving Lives is a Seven Week Journey which includes:

  • Lively Lessons & Inspiring Videos. You receive a lesson + video each week via email. You receive valuable content filled with examples and inspiration to help you thrive NOW.
  • Dozens of Thriving Tips, Techniques, Prompts and Questions.
  • A Private Facebook Group where you can receive support and encouragement.

This Breakthrough Content covers:

  • Think Like the Universe – The foundation for healing your thoughts and your life.
  • Let Go and Love – Realizing who you are as you develop loving ways of thinking about yourself and others.
  • I Am Supported – The inner and outer foundations for true abundance. A deeper look at the heart-based economy.
  • How to Let Go of Struggle - Asking powerfully for support from the Universe and others as you navigate challenges.
  • Bouncing Back from Pain – How pain is a turning point. Ways to choose joy and gratitude.
  • Success: Meet Your Inner Thriver – The practice of recharging and renewing yourself as you follow your heart.
  • Deep Healing and Play – Practicing Emotional Freedom Technique. Recommended resources and happiness secrets of Thriving Minds.


  • Thriving Lives Works AND It’s Fun! Thriving Lives is based on my insights from 25 years of personal growth adventures, and my writing and radio hosting career.
  • Begin whenever you want. Enjoy at your own pace!

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Thriving Lives



What Others Are Saying . . . 

 “Sharing the powerful lessons – “the gifts” – she’s received in her own personal journey, Martine provides an actionable blueprint to a more positive life . . . one where we can truly thrive. Her authenticity creates a safe environment to explore each lesson and apply the learnings to our own lives.”


DSC_0087 (1)

Lanette Pottle, Founder, Positivity Nation. Enthusiastic Difference Maker. Facilitator of Breakthroughs. Trainer Extraordinaire.



“Martine Joseph is a beautiful and loving soul who generously shares her amazing healing story and wisdom throughout her ecourse, Thriving Lives. Her thought provoking lessons and deep insight will allow you to experience daily living at a new level. I highly recommend Thriving Lives for anyone who wants to experience more love, health and abundance!”



Tess Marshall, Courage Coach for Business and Life, The Bold Life


“This was a very deep lesson and I totally resonated with it. You offer great tips and guidance on how to let go of struggle. I’m loving your course.” 


Angela Artemis, Teacher and Author The Intuition Principle



“Martine’s wisdom, compassion and authenticity shine in Thriving Lives, helping you change your life by changing your thinking one day at a time. Martine is caring and genuine, leading you to big breakthroughs in every aspect of your life. Through powerful video lessons and deep daily questions Thriving Lives will uncover the truth of your struggle and allow you to set yourself free once and for all.” 



Michaela Cristallo, Founder, For the Creators and Atlas Creators Academy


“This course is jam-packed with tidbits of wisdom that you already know deep within, but keep forgetting. Martine’s gentle guidance will help you reach inside of you and re-connect with the part of you that already has the answers. In Martine’s own words, “Healing the mind is not something we do, but a gift we receive.”



Vironika Tugaleva, people lover, inspirational speaker, reformed cynic, bestselling author The Love Mindset



“Today’s lesson was excellent. Thank you. One point that struck me as important is watching what we allow ourselves to take in. Keeping my focus on what feeds my soul with positive energy helps so much.”



Marcia Quinn Noren, Author Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy



“Martine’s energy is like a hug from a loving, trusted friend who wants you to succeed. Each lesson is filled with reminders about what works for us in creating the lives that we desire. Too often, we forget about what helps us to be happy, fulfilled and positive. This course will help you to stay on course in a gentle way with empowering, do-able small steps.”



Lisa Selow, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and Author,

A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide: Healing Your Spirit with Positive Rebellion



“Martine’s course and her loving energy are a blessing for our chaotic lives. Thriving Lives is full of simple yet powerful heart wisdom that not only guides you to become happier but also makes you realize so much about your true self. The lessons make us look within so that we may heal from the inside out.”



Zeenat Merchant Syal, Counseling Psychologist / Spiritual Counselor / Motivational Speaker / Naturopath / Holistic Healer / Writer ~ Positive Provocations



“Martine’s wisdom and compassion flow beautifully through her teachings. If you’re ready to let go of anger and resentment, to forgive yourself and others, and to allow yourself to love and thrive, Martine will give you invaluable tools, guidance and inspiration for your journey.” 


Christine Oke

Christine Callahan-Oke, Personal Empowerment Coach, Writer, Believer in Limitless Human Potential – Your Inspired Life



“Martine is such a beautiful, loving soul.  I could just listen to her speak about anything because she brings such love and peace to every topic.  I love Martine’s story of overcoming depression because she has lived and breathed what she teaches.  Are you ready to heal your mind, body and soul?  This course is exactly what you need!”



Keri KightYour Guide to Self-Love, Happiness & Confidence - Keri Kight




Thriving Lives Is For You If . . . 

  • You need proven, breakthrough techniques that REALLY WORK.
  • You’re ready to receive SO MUCH MORE.
  • You need encouragement and practical tips.
  • You’ve “tried it all” and still struggle.
  • You’re ready to commit to yourself 100%.


Thriving Lives Is Not For You If … 

  • You’re not willing to let go of the past.
  • You’re completely satisfied with your life. You’re not looking to learn and grow.


A Life Worth Living

Imagine this: You love your life. Really. You do what you love and thrive with grace and ease. You enjoy all the love, abundance and good health you’ve dreamed of.  


If You’re Ready …

  • To change your life and soar beyond struggle and limited results.
  • To leap beyond fear and enjoy fabulous success.
  • To recharge and empower yourself with unlimited energy and inspiration.
  • To get practical tips and techniques that you can start using today to thrive …


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Thriving Lives



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