Thriving Minds

Money and Life


True abundance is health, happiness, creativity and human connection.

My Story: How Villains Can Be Our Teachers


How to Change Your Story, Let Go and Move On!

How to Encourage Yourself Every Time


Encouragement melts away fears and resistance with Love.

Radical Honesty: Join Me for a Zesty Adventure


Let’s live radically honest, loving, healthy and abundant lives now.

Play and Thrive: 7 Ways to Choose Joy

The more we play, the more we thrive. Here are 7 powerful ways to choose joy.

Challenge Yourself! Thrive for Rich Rewards


Your Life Changes Powerfully When You Challenge Yourself!

40 Day Challenge: Day 39 – The Key to Thriving


Here’s a powerful shortcut to healing the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

40 Day Challenge: Day 38 – Remember and Thrive


Would you be willing to live a life that is better than you ever imagined?

40 Day Challenge: Day 37 – The Miracle is You


To discover the miracle within you, changing your thoughts is the first step.

40 Day Challenge: Day 36 – Play With Abundance


Having Fun IS Money. We can practice having, gratitude and joy right now.

Each one of us is an Aha! Moment in the Mind of the Universe.